[vc_row font_color=”#161616″][vc_column][om_agenda layout=”tabs”][om_agenda_day color=”om-accent-color-2″ title=”Day 1″ date=”MONDAY JULY 17″][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-door-open” time=”9:00 – 7:00″ title=”CONFERENCE REGISTRATION OPEN”][/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”far fa-clock” time=”8:00 – 12:00″ title=”NPA BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING”][/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-graduation-cap” time=”9:30 – 11:30″ title=”GIA Training Session: Understanding a Diamond’s Value (limited to 50 attendees, must register to attend)” speaker_ids=”1932″]Diamond color, clarity, cut and carat weight are collectively termed the “4Cs” – the factors that, when combined, define a diamond’s quality and ultimately determine its value. Join GIA Subject Specialist, Lisa Kennedy, GIA GG, as she details the 4Cs and how they are used to evaluate a diamond’s value in an over-the-counter setting. Participants will be able to examine diamonds under magnification to build their knowledge and confidence to be better prepared when making their next diamond jewelry purchase.[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-graduation-cap” time=”12:30 – 2:30″ title=”GIA Training Session: Introduction to Colored Stones (limited to 50 attendees, must register to attend)” speaker_ids=”1932″]Two thousand years ago, students of gemology classified gems by color alone. It is now known that there are thousands of different mineral species in which color often overlaps. In this hands-on presentation, GIA Subject Specialist, Lisa Kennedy, GIA GG, will explain key attributes and classifications of colored gems, expand upon tools and techniques used for colored stone identification, and discuss the factors that determine a gem’s value.[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-cart-arrow-down” time=”1:00 – 6:30″ title=”THE JEWELRY EXCHANGE” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pawnexpo.com%2Fthe-jewelry-exchange|title:THE%20JEWELRY%20EXCHANGE”][/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-mug-hot” time=”2:30 – 3:00″ title=”COFFEE BREAK”][/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-glass-cheers” time=”5:00 – 6:30″ title=”WELCOME MIXER”]Kick-off Pawn Expo at the Welcome Mixer! Grab a cocktail and reconnect with old friends or make new friends as we ramp up for a fantastic convention.[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fab fa-cc-diners-club” time=”6:30″ title=”DINNER ON YOUR OWN”][/om_agenda_item][/om_agenda_day][om_agenda_day color=”om-accent-color-3″ title=”Day 2″ date=”TUESDAY JULY 18″][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-door-open” time=”7:30 – 5:00″ title=”CONVENTION REGISTRATION”][/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-door-open” time=”8:30 – 6:00″ title=”EXHIBITOR SET UP”][/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-utensils” time=”8:30 – 9:15″ title=”CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST”][/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-chalkboard-teacher” featured=”yes” time=”9:00 – 10:15″ title=”KEYNOTE PRESENTATION” speaker_ids=”1788″][/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-mug-hot” time=”10:15 – 10:30″ title=”COFFEE BREAK”][/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-cart-arrow-down” time=”9:00 – 12:00″ title=”THE JEWELRY EXCHANGE” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pawnexpo.com%2Fthe-jewelry-exchange|title:THE%20JEWELRY%20EXCHANGE”][/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-graduation-cap” time=”10:30 – 11:30″ title=”NPA Sessions: How to Retain, Train, and Get Through The Day” speaker_ids=”1912″]Employees, good employees, like consistency, expectations, and a defined plan. So, how do you create an environment that gives your employees the structure they need to feel like coming to work and growing with you? Learn how to make the time and what to do to keep your store healthy and productive.[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-graduation-cap” time=”10:30 – 11:30″ title=”NPA Sessions: Selling Yourself: Building Your Personal Brand”]Panelist/Speakers: Nick Fulton, USA Pawn & Jewelry, Lisa Little, Fieldstone Pawn, Brent West, Braswell and Son, Morgan Jones, American Pawn & Jewelry

Of all the things we sell, isn’t the most important YOU? Learn the key elements to best represent yourself to customers, vendors and peers and turn that into a brand that helps build your business. You should always be working for you.[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-utensils” featured=”yes” time=”11:45 – 1:15″ title=”ANNUAL MEETING & AWARDS LUNCHEON”][/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-chalkboard-teacher” time=”1:30 – 2:30″ title=”Get Running with Sneakers: How to Turn Footwear into Big Business”]Athletic footwear is right on the heels of luxury bags in terms of resale potential. Do you know your Golden Gooses from your classic Adidas? Join these experts for a lesson on getting into the sneaker biz, including authentication, the brands, the sizes and the big sellers. You’ll learn how to market your shoe business, so you’re not left flat-footed.[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-chalkboard-teacher” time=”1:30 – 2:30″ title=”The Right Routine: Key Habits of Highly Successful Business Owners”]Panelists/Speakers: Ben Levinson, Dynasty Jewelry & Loan, Michael Cohen, Top Dollar Pawnbrokers, Lauren Kaminsky, EZ Pawn, Scott Nell, Big Dog Pawn & Jewelry


Join highly successful business owners as they share their secrets for success. Learn how they got there and what they do every day to keep their businesses excelling. You’ll get their recipes for the secret sauce that could help propel you upward.[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-mug-hot” time=”2:30 – 2:45″ title=”COFFEE BREAK”][/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-chalkboard-teacher” time=”2:45 – 4:00″ title=”Straight Shooting: Firearms Experts Tell All”]Panelists/Speakers: Rob Barnett, Elk River Trading Company, Jeremy Powell, BJ Pawn & Gun, John Bocker, NSSF, Bernadette Lingo, Best Little Pawn Shop

Moderator: Johnny Whiteside, Kendale Pawn Shop

One of Pawn Expo’s most popular sessions. Firearms experts share the latest in new rules and laws and how they could impact your stores. Discussion will include the implications of your FFL with respect to liability for injuries from store sales. This, and a lively Q & A.[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-chalkboard-teacher” featured=”yes” time=”4:00 – 5:00″ title=”KEYNOTE PRESENTATION” speaker_ids=”1786″][/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-glass-cheers” time=”7:00 – 11:00″ title=”NPA GALA & AUCTION”]The NPA Board of Directors invite you to an elegant evening of dinner, entertainment and the annual NPA Auction. After dinner is served at your seat, enjoy some live entertainment. The Andrews Brothers Dueling Pianos are a high energy, all-request, sing-a-long, interactive music and comedy show. Also on the program is the Annual Fundraising Auction, which promises to have some exciting experiences up for bids. Dress in your party best, accessorize with your checkbook, and join us for an evening of networking, entertainment and fundraising.[/om_agenda_item][/om_agenda_day][om_agenda_day color=”om-accent-color-2″ title=”Day 3″ date=”WEDNESDAY JULY 19″][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-door-open” time=”8:30 – 6:00″ title=”CONVENTION REGISTRATION”][/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-chalkboard-teacher” time=”9:00 – 10:30″ title=”TEAM GRC: STATE OF THE NATION”]Get caught up on legislative and regulatory developments in 2023 and hear about the top issues the NPA is following in Congress and State Legislatures. Moderator: GRC Chair Bill Dawson, with long-time NPA consultants following these issues for NPA members.[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-tag” time=”10:30 – 11:00″ title=”COFFEE BREAK IN EXHIBIT HALL”][/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-tag” time=”10:30 – 6:00″ title=”EXHIBIT HALL OPEN”][/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-tag” time=”10:30 – 11:30″ title=”New Member Meet and Greet”]New to the NPA? New to Pawn Expo? Come meet the NPA board of directors at the NPA booth in the center of the trade show. We want to shake your hand and welcome you personally to the NPA, along with finding out what you expect of the NPA.[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-tag” time=”12:00 – 1:00″ title=”LUNCH IN THE EXHIBIT HALL”][/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-tag” time=”3:00 – 3:15″ title=”COFFEE BREAK IN EXHIBIT HALL”][/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-glass-cheers” featured=”yes” time=”5:00 – 6:00″ title=”“VENDOR LOVE“ APPRECIATION RECEPTION”]Meet in the exhibit hall to thank all the vendors who support the pawn industry. Enjoy a drink while you stroll through the trade show and show your support for the great people and companies who provide expertise and products to the pawn industry. Then head off to the Braves game![/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-cocktail” featured=”yes” time=”6:00 – 7:00″ title=”Young Professionals Tailgate”]Under 40? Meet and network with other Young Professionals before heading out to the Braves Game! There will be drinks and snacks to get you in the spirit. If you want to attend the Braves games, you’ll need to purchase a ticket to sit in the NPA section.[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fab fa-cc-diners-club” time=”6:30″ title=”DINNER ON YOUR OWN”][/om_agenda_item][/om_agenda_day][om_agenda_day color=”om-accent-color-3″ title=”DAY 4″ date=”THURSDAY JULY 20″][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-door-open” time=”8:30 – 12:00″ title=”CONVENTION REGISTRATION”][/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-mug-hot” time=”9:00 – 9:30″ title=”COFFEE BREAK IN EXHIBIT HALL”][/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-tag” time=”9:00 – 1:30″ title=”EXHIBIT HALL OPEN”][/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-utensils” time=”12:30 – 1:30″ title=”FAREWELL LUNCH ON EXHIBIT FLOOR”][/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-graduation-cap” time=”1:45 – 2:45″ title=”Protect Your Ass-ets: Fraud, Security and Technology to Protect Your Business”]Top insurance and security experts weigh in on issues plaguing pawn, including Apple Card fraud and credit card fraud. Learn how these payment scams work and how to protect yourself by spotting fraud and what you should do when it happens…and it will happen.[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-graduation-cap” time=”1:45 – 2:45″ title=”Luxury Roundtable”]Join your pawnbroker peers to discuss all of your burning luxury questions. New to the luxury business? Someone has been there before you and can give you tips. Need innovation? Discuss how to ramp up an existing business.[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-graduation-cap” time=”3:00 – 4:30″ title=”Developing Superstar Managers: Must Have Skills for Key Leadership”]Panelist/Speakers: Douglas Braswell, Braswell & Son

Good managers get the job done. GREAT managers will help your business THRIVE. Learn how to identify diamonds in the rough and help them become skilled leaders that shine.[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-graduation-cap” time=”3:00 – 4:30″ title=”Hot Topics Roundtable”]Attendees’ choice! You voted on the topics you most wanted to discuss with your fellow pawnbrokers. Still at the roundtable of the topic that is of most interest to you. Stay tuned! As we get closer to Pawn Expo, we will reveal this years’ hot topics.[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-utensils” time=”4:30″ title=”AND THAT’S A WRAP!”][/om_agenda_item][/om_agenda_day][/om_agenda][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][vc_custom_heading text=”thank to our (color1)sponsors(/color1)” uppercase=”yes” add_shadow_text=”yes” font_container=”tag:h2|text_align:center” shadow_text=”thank you!”][vc_row][/vc_row]







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