Auction to Support the NPA Legal Defense Fund

The NPA Legal Defense Fund powers critical legislative efforts in Washington, DC and in legislatures around the country. Your donation will help provide the financial resources needed to defend the livelihoods of pawnbrokers nationwide – in court, in the media, and in the halls of government. The fight is not free!


It was the legal defense funds that enabled the NPA to step in and support Illinois these past few years and they recognized a positive outcome for pawn. When the next issue or proposed legislation arises, the NPA will weigh options and determine a best course of action. Those decisions will require an evaluation of available funds, which could impact the NPA’s ability to assist.


Your GRC team at the NPA monitors proposed legislation at the state level daily. They recognize the importance of a proactive response at both the state and federal level – but it most definitely comes with a price tag!

We are holding an auction to raise funds to support our work, and we are seeking donations of items to be auctioned off.

Any items you can donate would be greatly appreciated. Some ideas include:

·        Gift certificates

·        Travel packages

·        Sporting goods

·        Bullion

·        Jewelry

·        Artwork

·        Collectibles

Thank you for your support!